I Tried Tudca For A Month And I Couldn’t Believe This Happened!

I Tried Tudca For A Month And I Couldn’t Believe This Happened!

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I decided I needed a good detox from alcohol and junk food. I also felt like I needed to pay some much needed attention to my liver. After years of socializing, work dinners, parties and burning the candle at both ends, it was high time for some TLC. That’s when TUDCA hit my radar. So, I tried Tudca for a month and I couldn’t believe this happened!

Firstly, do not let taking Tudca become your “get out of jail for free” card!

Why do I even say that? Because, as you will soon see, Tudca does many amazing things, including detoxing and cleansing your Liver. When taking Tudca, I have to remind myself that it doesn’t give me an excuse to eat what I want, or to drink an extra glass of alcohol. It is NOT supposed to be used as a “get out of jail for free” card!


Tudca For Liver Health – A Great Detox Supplement

Just before I started my detox, I researched some supplements that would aid and support my cleanse. I wanted to take natural products that would do some good for my insides, not just starve myself as I deprived myself from bad habits! It’s important to tell you the type of detox I chose as it’s very relevant to Tudca, and why I chose to take it.

Some detoxes are about a kind of starvation approach, some are about only juicing, the list is endless. However, after years of bodily abuse I wanted something that was kind and good for my body and to aid my “reset”. Hence why I purchased Tudca.

I purchased my Tudca from Metasuperfoods, as the company is well known for high quality, natural and powerful products. I buy a wide range of health and beauty supplements from them including my face creams, sea moss, olive leaf, NMN and NR.

Tudca – What Is It

I tried tudca for a month and this happened

Tauroursodeoxycholic acid, otherwise known as TUDCA, is a bile acid that the body produces naturally. Tudca has been used in Chinese medicine for hepatic and biliary disorders since ancient times. It was, and still is used to help detoxify the liver. Addionally, it is used to treat fevers, spasms, vision problems and more! This bile salt influences many bodily functions, from the liver to the brain, from eye health to the Kidneys. Tudca has many other benifits, some of which may suprise you! 

Tudca – What Does It Do?

Initially, I started taking Tudca for the purposes of improving my liver health. It was only after that I did further research, that I discovered what else this powerful little supplement does.

Tudca For Liver Health

Tudca has an anti inflammatory effect and is great for detoxifying the Liver. It’s great for overall liver health, and for the treatment and prevention of Gallstones.

Tudca For Brain Health


Tudca has been found to be great for brain health. Furthermore, it has been shown that Tudca is great for memory and cognitive function. Several studies have demonstrated that TUDCA serves as an anti-apoptotic agent for a variety of neuro-degenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, Huntington’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

Tudca For Insulin Sensitivity

Research shows that Tudca supports insulin sensitivity. There are various reports which confirm the ability of TUDCA to improve the hyperglycemia associated with both types I and II diabetes.

Tudca For Kidney Health

Excessive sodium and imbalances of minerals in our diets are very common and problematic in today’s diet and society. Soil mineral depletion and processed foods creates a breeding ground for poor kidney health. However, the good news is that TUDCA supports a healthy inflammation response in the kidneys.

Tudca For Eye Health

In addition to all of the above benefits, TUDCA also supports eye health against a number of eye health issues and reduces the number of dysfunctional eye cells.

Tudca For Mitochondria and Cellular Support

All of the cells in our bodies have little power plants inside them called mitochondria. These tiny organelles are responsible for generating approximately 90 percent of our body’s energy.  However, if our mitochondria aren’t functioning properly, we are unable to make adequate amounts of ATP. And ATP are our energetic building blocks.

Mitochondrial dysfunction is often associated with many types of chronic illnesses. TUDCA has been shown to support mitochondrial health and improve our energy output. It does this by producing more antioxidants and mitigating free radicals. In a nutshell, Tudca is associated with the prevention of cell death. Subsequently, this may affect us in many great and unexpected ways by reaching cells in the lining of organs such as the brain, heart, liver, colon, as well as blood vessels and much more!

After Trying Tudca For A Month This Is What Happened

Firstly, Tudca was so good to me on my month long detox that I decided to make it part of my regular supplement regime. After all, I not only want a healthy liver, I also want a healthy mind, brain and heart.

I want ALL of the benefits that Tudca has to offer! Which is so much more than I’ve shared here!

Secondly, I FELT healthier, which makes sense given what Tudca does.

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Thirdly, when I went back to drinking alcohol at work events and parties I noticed I recovered much faster when taking Tudca! Furthermore, I found Tudca to be GREAT for hangovers. Again, I’m trying not to fall into the bad habit of using it as a life line or get out of jail for free card! I have to tell myself that taking Tudca does not cancel out last nights party. However, taking Tudca is actually helping me to be more mindful about what I ingest.

Tudca – liver and health, love in a pill.

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