How NMN reversed the ageing process for me

How NMN reversed the ageing process for me

Would YOU like to know HOW NMN reversed the aging process for me? Yes? Then allow me to tell you!

Firstly, let me start by saying that NMN is a super potent anti aging ingredient in a pill. It’s a nutraceutical anti ageing intervention. And, it’s one of my most favourite “must have” supplements. This is one supplement that I refuse to run out of. I order mine from Metasuperfoods, because the company is well known for being genuine, and for selling high quality, natural products.

What Does NMN Do?

What does NMN do? Well, I have been taking NMN for some time now, and I absolutely love the results! My personal experience is this… my skin has a lovely glow to it, the sort of glow you get when you’re on holiday, just minus the sun tan! I’ve also been getting lot’s of compliments on how great and youthful I look!

It’s not only my face that has this vibrant glow, I’ve noticed it on the rest of my body too. I remember when I noticed the skin on the back of my hands looking really radiant as I was in the passenger seat of the car on our way to do our weekly food shop. How often do you look at your hands as say ” ooo, my hands look nice?!,” except maybe when you on holiday being kissed by the sun?

Let’s face it, your outside is a direct reflection of what’s happening inside, so that leads me to believe that NMN is doing great things inside my body on a cellular level. Which, infact, is part of the science behind it!

The Science Behind NMN – The Anti Ageing Supplement

So, now that I have shared some of my personal experience with you, let’s take a look at the science behind this amazing youth pill.

When taken orally, (such as in a supplemenet) NMN is rapidly absorbed and converted into NAD+.

So, the next question is , what is NAD+?

NAD+ is key to our survival, boosting energy production, and even upregulating cellular repair. Think about it, ageing has a lot to do with your cells. So, it makes sense then, that NAD+ is vital if we want to “digest” anti ageing and actually see results.

Now, I’m no scientist. However, I believe my glowing skin, shining with vitality, is a wonderful bi product of what’s actually happening on a cellular level deep inside my body.

It is said that by middle age, our NAD+ levels have diminished to half that of our youth. There are various studies which show that boosting NAD+ levels not only extends lifespan, it also reverses mitochondrial dysfunction, amongst many other incredible things!

Studies also show that NMN levels fall with age. Aging itself has also been shown to significantly compromise the body’s conversion of NMN to NAD+. So, it makes sense then, that taking NMN has a direct, natural and positive anti ageing affect.

Why spend lot’s of money on aesthetic procedures and enhancements when you can take an awesome little pill that does the job of anti ageing from the inside out? It’s anti ageing on a cellular level. I believe that taking NMN is genuinely and actually doing something good for me. I believe it’s much better for you than covering things up with fillers and injections. Because, covering things up with procedures doesn’t actually enhance your health or your vitality, right? It just provides the appearance or illusion of it.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely want to BE youthful and vibrant. So I am very happy for coming across NMN, the pill of youth.

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NMN And It’s Age Reversal Studies

The following study is based on NMN being tested on mice.

NMN was administered and was quickly synthesized into NAD+ in the tissues of the mice. NMN was seen to have suppressed age-associated weight gain, enhance energy metabolism and improve physical activity. Not only that, but it also improved insulin sensitivity, eye function and mitochondrial metabolism. Furthermore, it also prevented age-linked changes in gene expression in the mice. Pretty cool huh?

It was also found that NMN improved both the action and secretion of insulin in diabetic and obese mice. Another fascinating affect it had was that  it had restored skeletal muscle in aged mice. Thus, reversing signs of aging. In addition to this, NMN also slowed cognitive decline in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease. This was achieved because NMN improved the survival of neurons, improving energy metabolism, and reducing reactive oxygen species.

As we can see NMN is powerful stuff!

When my friends and Family demand to know my health, youth and vitality secrets, I tell them that I take the secret NMN.

However, trying to explain to people what NMN is and does is fairly challenging, as to truly explain it, you have to get quite scientific!

So, when asked, I simply say “it’s a super potent anti ageing ingredient, that reverses age, in a little magic pill!”

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