At What Age Are You Too Old For Exercise

At What Age Are You Too Old For Exercise

At What Age Are You Too Old For Exercise

At What Age Are You Too Old For Exercise? Are you kidding me? I am often astounded by peoples beliefs of what it means to get older, and the limitations people put on themselves. Conversely, we must be careful what we believe in. Not only do our thoughts become our beliefs, but our beliefs become our actions. In turn our actions become our habits. Without a doubt, our habits become who we are, what we are and what we do or do not achieve.

Exercise – What Is It?

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Exercise. Certainly, there is so much to that word. However, what does it mean to YOU? Personally, to me, the word exercise means good health, vitality, regeneration, strength and harmony. Additionally, at least for myself, the word exercise stands for overcoming, self love, self care, perseverance, belief. Belief in ones body, in ones mind and what one is capable of.

Exercise goes hand in hand with diet and nutrition. Being Pro Active with regards to your health is essential to your well being. Natural superfood supplements, such as Sea Moss, Olive Leaf, Camu Camu and Shilajit can help with this. The question, “At what age are you too old to exercise?” could be seen as a controversial one. However, this really depends on where you stand, what you believe about your own world and what you believe about yourself.

The Power Of Thought

At What Age Are You Too Old For Exercise

I often see people “decide” that they are getting older. Although they are still very healthy and capable, somehow they convince themselves that they “shouldn’t” be doing certain things such as exercise anymore, and start to do less and less. Subsequently, not using their bodies and becoming less active brings about the very things associated with ageing! Not exercising leads to the loss of muscle, strength, balance, coordination, poor mental health…. The list goes on and on. Consequently, all of this in turn leads to a loss of mental and physical health and well being, also associated with dementia and other diseases of ageing.

The Power Of Exercise

At What Age Are You Too Old For Exercise

Overall, exercise is known to keep your heart, body and mind healthy, mobile, and ABLE. Secondly, exercise releases hormones such as dopamine, endorphins and serotonin, all of which could be classed as the “feel good” hormones. Additionally, exercise leads to a better night sleep. A good nights sleep is where the body heals and repairs itself. Furthermore, not only is exercise directly related to your mental health, but it also relates to a stronger body, and a more effective immune system. Undoubtably, we all want to be healthy and to continue to be able to do normal every day things that we take for granted as we age.

So why would you stop exercising?! The key is to KEEP MOVING!

Back To The Question

At What Age Are You Too Old For Exercise

So that brings me back to my question. At what age are you too old to exercise? What do you think? Do you currently exercise? Do you exercise enough? How old are you and how does that impact YOUR beliefs and relationship with exercise?

The Transition Between Able And Unable – What is it?

For the purpose of this post I am referring to people that are healthy and capable, but somehow, possibly due to their beliefs, stop exercising because of their “age”.

At What Age Are You Too Old For Exercise

Have you ever seen someone transform into “old age” over night? I have, more than once, and it blew my mind! Not only did the people I am referring to play sports, go to the gym, and have an active life, they were very “able” and capable people. In spite of this, I witnessed them “decide” that they were now “old”. Unsurprisingly I witnessed their health and vibrance slowly decline. In addition to this I watched their bodies expand as they put on weight, and I would listen to the “sudden” complaints of their aches and pains.

Interestingly, I observed these changes as they “hit retirement”. It’s as though a particular “mindset” was attached to their idea of retirement and what it means to them to be retired and on a pension.

How many people do you know or have seen like this? What are your thoughts on it? How long do YOU plan on exercising for?


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To demonstrate the power of the title and question of this article, let’s take a look at Mike Tyson. “If you don’t use it you loose it”. Mike Tyson is a great example of this. However, undeniably, 54 year old Mike Tyson went through an incredible transformation. For around 15 years he had not trained and fought in the ring. Whether you are into boxing or not, it would have been hard to miss the story of Tyson’s “comeback”.

At What Age Are You Too Old For Exercise

A Powerful Message

Without a doubt, the transformation of Mike Tyson is inspirational. In his interviews he tells of the story of his comeback, his training and exercise regime and how it brought him back to the ring. Although Tyson’s training is of athlete standard, and many of us wouldn’t exercise and train as he does – the message behind what he has achieved is powerful. Moreover, this message is relevant to all of us.

At What Age Are You Too Old For Exercise

I personally believe that exercise is a link between a healthy body and a healthy mind. Therefore, I don’t believe that age should sever this vital link to well being and happiness. On the whole, I believe exercise is a state of being, it’s a state of mind. So, I ask, what’s the state of YOUR mind?

Delusion Or Reality?

At What Age Are You Too Old For Exercise

On a Joe Rogan interview Tyson says; “…Delusion is only delusional when you don’t accomplish the goals of making your delusions a reality.” Powerful food for thought huh? Without a doubt the power of self belief and consistency is real. It goes back to what you believe about yourself, therefore what you can achieve. By doing something good for ourselves exercise makes us feel good about ourselves.

At What Age Are You Too Old For Exercise

I personally believe that you should NEVER stop exercising. The human body is designed to MOVE. Everything inside of our bodies “moves”. Our hearts beat, our blood flows, our lungs rise and fall, nothing stays still. So why should the body?

So, I ask again. What age are YOU too old for exercise? The choice is YOURS. Be careful what YOU BELIEVE IN. For what you believe you become.

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